In the name of God


National production , using domestic resources for the survival of the Iranian family center .

Niko Polymer Spadan Co. was founded in 2016 with the aim of supplying and supplying industrial materials. Over the years, the company has tried to use expert and experienced personnel with a strong and successful effort to advance the productivity and supply of industrial materials and to supply the raw materials needed for the production line of industrial centers.

With the vacuum in the production cycle of some factories, the company set up a PolyFoil branded manufacturing subsection.

The unit was established with the aim of facilitating the supply of raw material for manufacturing factories that use in their manufacturing process various types of thermal and mechanical insulation with compounds, copper, aluminum, laminated polymer sheets, films, paper sheets, etc., and with the service Cutting the roll to roll, strand, re-screw, change in width, inner or outer diameter of the previously cut pieces, maintaining the quality and minimum of waste in the service of customers and always trying to satisfy and rate their demands.

One of the activities of this unit is the provision of services to the factories of the wire and cable industry, pipe industry, cardboard industry, food industry, etc.

  • Laminate and composition of various polymer films (Pet – OPP _ CPP _ PE ) with variety of colored metals (aluminium _ copper _ steel ) with different widths and up to 1/200 millimeter
  • Printing and coloring on all levels with a maximum width 1/500 millimeter of 8 colors
  • Cutting and sizing longitudinal and transverse of various polymer films and colored metals with thickness of 5 micron and width of 10 mm and more
  • Producing various types of films and strips and adhesives and silicone materials in various latitudes
  • Production of various thermal and mechanical insulations of wire and cable industries (Aluminum foil _ polyester tape _ PP tape _ mica tape )
  • Production and supply of various types of aluminum foil for the manufacture of multi -wall tubes